Implant Supported Dentures

Implant Supported Dentures

If you are unhappy with your current dentures or ready to get you first set of dentures and want to achieve a more stable and functional solution, we can help…

Many people that have lost their natural teeth have trouble with eating, talking and get sores from their dentures moving around.   An implant supported denture will be more stable than a regular denture and you will find it easier to speak, be able to eat a wider variety of foods and not worry about the denture becoming loose, moving around and causing sores or falling out of your mouth when you sneeze or cough.

An implant supported denture can be made for either the lower or upper jaw.  An advantage to an upper implant supported denture is that it can be made to cover less of your palate (roof of your mouth) than a regular denture that relies on suction to keep it in.  The implant supported denture will increase your confidence in being a denture wearer.  People with loose fitting lower dentures are usually great candidates for implant supported dentures. The lower  implant supported denture provides  tremendous support and fixation so eating, speaking and smiling is more comfortable and you are a more confident denture wearer.

There are several types of implant supported dentures:

The first option is to have 2 implants placed in your lower, or 4 implants in  your upper jaw, and a denture made that snaps onto these implants.  These types of dentures are sometimes referred to as overdentures and can be removed by the patient.

The second option is an implant-supported fixed denture. It involves placing 4 implants in either the upper or lower jaw and attaching a permanent denture that is not removed by the patient, only your dentist can remove
your implant-supported fixed denture.  Your denture is held in place by screws that secure the denture to the implants. This type of modern improved implant supported denture is sometimes referred to as an ALL-ON-4.

The ALL-ON-4 denture allows patients to bite with much more force than a traditional denture because the stress is transfered directly to the bone via the dental implants.  This allows you to eat almost all of your favorite foods without worrying about the dentures.

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